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Over the Alps - or Not?

So I started again in March

This time I was aiming to cross over the Alps. So the exercise program I followed this time was a preprogrammed exercise - going up and down in difficulty. It starts out a gentle pace, a bit too easy for me but well I know what was to come. Slowly but surely it became more and more difficult. When I reached the peak I was sweating buckets. and if you think you stay at that level for a few seconds you are wrong it is at least 2 minutes before the program moves on. And guess what, you start the program again at that peaked level for another 2 minutes. So I am going for it determined to give in. I kept thinking this is me 'virtually' walking up the Alps tracking through the snow and blizzards up the steep slopes. Will I have the strength to keep going. At last a rest bite, the slopes are not so steep until I am going down the slopes. My face is tingling with my sweat turning into ice and I try to clear my face of this sensation. Only to realise that I haven't shaved for over a week and my beard is itching.

And to top it all, I realised when plotting my total on the map I was just outside of Stuttgart. So I still have a long way to go before reaching the Alps. ack on my exercise machine. I guess this is good training for when I finally reach the Alps proper.

Anyway here are my recorded Kms

March 8th - 14.7KM

March 9th - 15.3KM

March 10th - 14.7M

March 12th - 15.3KM

March 15th - 15.0KM

March 16th - 17.5KM

March 18th - 14.5KM

Total 107KM

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