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Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Fund raising

We want to raise money to help build a school in Tamil Nadu in India.

Our funds can help buy the material to build the school to begin with.

By walking or running as many kilometers as there are between Belgium and Tamil Nadu in India.

Choose your favourite places you like to walk in - local park, forest, hilltops, woodland or the beach.

As an individual, or as a family or group of friend, you can walk or run as many kilometers as you can.

You can set the contribution you would like to make for each kilometer you complete.

For example, every kilometer you complete you contribute 50 cents to our fund. So if you complete 10 km over a week or so, you would contribute 5 euros. If you do this with 3 friends, by the end of the week you have raised 15 euros altogether and importantly you have completed 30km.

On a regular basis you can transfer your contribution to our fund pot.

You can get friends or family to sponsor you as well if they cannot do the exercise with you.

They can encourage you to complete more kilometers.

Send us regular updates on this blog - what you have achieved, anecdotes of your accomplishments, photos to visually enhance the blog to make it a fun blog to visit for you and others. (This could inspire others to take up the challenge thanks to your contributions).

We will track the kilometers completed by everyone involved to show how far we have travelled.

We will list the building material needed for the school and plot what the total funds can purchase.

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