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5 benefits of volunteering as a family

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

As a family you can get involved in our new project fund raising for Father Lobo and the new school build.

Exercise as a family

You can walk or run together around a local park or forest area.

For every kilometer you complete you can donate the money to the project.

Look after your health regularly.

Set up Goals

Whilst it is good to run or walk, the added incentive of aiming for a goal helps make it worthwhile.

You can watch the progress you are making over the time period.

Combining your Effort

How often do we find ourselves doing things by ourselves these days. As an individual person our efforts may seem too little and could discourage us.

However, when you join forces you find your effort is important to build up the effort more effectively. You see the difference as a group. You support and encourage each other.

Your effort combined with many other families will go a long way.

You no longer feel alone.

Making a Difference

Your physical effort will help the construction of the new school in Father Lobo's parish.

Each kilometer you complete can help buy the bricks and mortar for the school.

This way you are helping to build up a foundation and structure for the lives of children in India who would otherwise have to make do with what they have.

Fun and Enjoyment

During this period we need to find ways to bring a smile to each other.

Share your photos, anecdotes, stories of what you have achieved with everyone on this blog.

Whilst we cannot meet with many families, we can share our experiences and enjoyment, the fun, laughters we had.

This will be also bring smiles and joy to the many families you are going to be helping in India. They will be surprised that you are so far away from them but you want to help them.

Their future will change thanks to your help.

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